Drawer partitions for ELEGANCE bathroom cabinets by KEUCO 
A place for everything 
The vanity unit of the ELEGANCE range of bathroom furnishings from KEUCO offers an especially generous amount of storage space – regardless whether it is the 950 or 1300 mm width. Those who have much to store away, also have a corresponding amount of sorting to do. This is where, the drawer divisions from KEUCO offer practical help. 
A perfectly organized ELEGANCE vanity unit: the clever drawer divisions from KEUCO make it possible. The practical system of dividers consists of high quality aluminium elements with integrated magnets. The individual elements are 12 cm high and available in 20 and 30 cm lengths. They can be used freely and in arbitrary numbers to organize drawers. Because of their magnets, the aluminium divisions can be reliably fixed in place in the drawers, but can also be moved quickly and flexibly. This way everything is always perfectly sorted and nothing falls over when the vanity unit is opened. The aluminium surface is easy to care for and with its silver anodized look, and it is colour coordinated to match the interior of the ELEGANCE vanity unit. In addition to bathroom furniture and washbasins, the ELEGANCE range of bathroom furnishings from KEUCO also offers matching fittings, accessories, light mirrors and mirror cabinets.  
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